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Contents Section Commodities and derivatives: For derivatives designated trades, whose value is derived (derives) from the rate of a particular asset, such as commodities, stocks, stock index, currency, etc. There are many types of derivatives, the most common are futures contracts, options and forwards (see further explanation below). In this section you can find values futures contracts on commodities (different types of food and raw materials) a finances (dluhopisy, úrokové sazby, měny, indexy) and news relating to commodities. Below you will find the largest increases and decreases in rates last week.

The biggest weekly rise and fall of 30.10.2015

 Name unit Curr  Last value  Margin  Change  Earnings 
 Palladium (USD/t oz.)  USD  707.70  5775 $ +56.65   98.10 % graf
 E-mini NASDAQ-100     4290.25  3500 $ +160.50   91.71 % graf
 Canadian Dollar USD  SD  0.77  2295 $ +0.02   83.66 % graf
 E-mini SP 500     1968.50  5000 $ +72.00   72.00 % graf
 E-mini Dow ($5)     16672.00  4375 $ +601.00   68.69 % graf

 Name unit Curr  Last value  Margin  Change  Earnings 
 Cocoa (USD/MT)  USD  3092.00  1980 $ -90.00   45.45 % graf
 U.S. Dollar Index     95.56  2195 $ -0.76   34.62 % graf
 Cocoa No.7 (USD/MT)  USD  2120.00  1715 $ -59.00   34.40 % graf
 Soybean Meal (USD/T.)  USD  303.60  1688 $ -4.80   28.44 % graf
 Oats (USd/bu.)  USd  219.00  1350 $ -7.50   27.78 % graf

Explanatory Notes to tables:The column "Earnings" shows the percentage profit that you could achieve in a week when investment (buying or selling) a futures contract in the relevant market. Earnings is calculated as the ratio of "course changes in the last week" * "item value" / "required investment (margin)".

Futures contract can be simply characterized as an agreement the two parties to buy / sell a standardized quantity of commodities at pre-specified quality at that price at that future date. Futures contracts can be traded only in organized markets-stock exchanges. This is the so-called hard business, which at that time one party has an obligation to buy and the other party has the obligation to sell. In the futures contract settlement between the two parties enter a contract clearing center, which guarantees the settlement. This is the main advantage of futures contracts.

Option is a contract that gives the option buyer the right but not the obligation, to buy or sell a commodity, asset or futures contract at a predetermined price within a stipulated time. Option is called the conditional trade, because the option buyer may or may not in the future to buy or sell. If the purchaser exercises its right, the seller (the organizers) option must always meet its obligations.

Forward is essentially identical to the futures contract. The difference is that forward with some exceptions traded outside the stock market. This leads to another difference: the futures contract is standardized in terms of the contract volume, commodity type, maturity and market price is determined only while the individual forward and conditions depend on the agreement the two parties.

USd  U.S. cent.

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Pokud investujete do akcií nebo dluhopisů, zvažte investici do managed futures. Praxe bank, pojišťoven či fondů a teoretické studie renomovaných firem a univerzit dokazují, že investování do managed futures vedle akcií či dluhopisů má pozitivní vliv na vaše portfolio. Můžete dosáhnout snížení rizika i zvýšení výnosu.

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