CZ0003503245, ABSIS, A.S., 6,00%, 2012-2024

ABSIS, A.S., 6,00%, 2012-2024, ISIN CZ0003503245 - Securities depository info

Full nameABSIS, A.S., 6,00%, 2012-2024
Short nameABSIS 6,00/24
Source issue-
Issuer NameEXAFIN invest, a.s.
Issuer ID28194098 (Trade register)
Nominal currencyCZK
Nominal Value1
Issued Volume180 000 000
Number of instrument units on accounts180 000 000
Volume of the issue180 000 000
Volume of the issue in accounts180 000 000
Nominal typekonstantní
Tradablenení registrována na reg.trhu
Security typedluhopis
Convertabilityvolně převoditelná emise
Security formna jméno
Shapezaknihovaný CP
Registration stateCDCP
Date of Registration20.12.2012
Change date28.3.2017
Maturity Date15.12.2024
Date of Cancellation-
Trading CurrencyCZK
Tradable unitv procentech
Group Code9
Manager ID-
Manager ID-
Administrator ID28194098 (Trade register)
AdministratorEXAFIN invest

Issuer ABSIS, A.S., 6,00%, 2012-2024

Issuer nameAbsis, a.s.
Postal address - nameAbsis, a.s.
ID number28194098 (Trade register)
Addres - StreetMyslíkova 174/23
CityPraha 1
ZIP11 000
Postal address - StreetMyslíkova 174/23
CityPraha 1
ZIP11 000
Subject typeemitent
Subject categoryprávnická osoba
Subject categoryprávnická osoba
Change date3.4.2014
Change typeplatná/ý

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CZ0003503245 ABSIS, A.S., 6,00%, 2012-2024 20.12.2012 / -

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