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General government revenue and expenditure, transaction with the EU, government consumption and other non financial categories (ESA2010_S.13)
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Financial statistics of Czech national bank

CNB economics section of the macroeconomics is a public database of the Czech National Bank's. The database defines unified system for presenting time series of aggregated statistical data from Czech economy. Most of these data derive from statistical processing conducted directly by the CNB. However, data from external sources, for example the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO), are also available. Selected CZSO data are published here with its permission. Data searching is based on hierarchical navigation in specific subject areas. The database is updated periodically using data from more than 100 data tables


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Statistical data (Time series database - ARAD)
Statistical data (Time series database - ARAD)
Monetary survey - historical data (National monetary statistics)
Historical data (Monetary and financial statistics)
Monetary Survey (historical data up to December 2016) - assets (Monetary survey - historical data)
Monetary Survey (historical data up to December 2016) - liabilities (Monetary survey - historical data)
Monetary Survey (historical data up to December 2016) - year-on-year changes (%) (Monetary survey - historical data)
Number (units), quarterly data (Building Permits (from 2020))
SOPR=100, měsíční data, kalendářně očištěná (Metodika 2015)
2015=100, měsíční data, sezonně očištěná (Metodika 2015)
Hrubý domácí produkt - čtvrtletní data - sezonně očištěna (Hlavní ukazatele)
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