Inches - imperial units of length

Inches are a unit of length, the abreviation used is in or just 1''. 

The imperial unit of inches is often used for diagonal lengths in screens (TVs, monitors, etc.). No matter its historical background, inches are now a fixed length in comparison to SI units. 

How much is 1 inch in cm? One inch is 2.54 centimeters. 

Conversions from inches to centimeters or meters can be done using the below calculator.  



Inches questions and answers

  • Where are inches used?

    In the United States, United Kingdom and Canada inches are still used commonly. In Japan they are for sizes of TVs for example.

  • What was an inch originally?

    An inch was originally the size of a man's thumb before becoming 3 grains of barley and now it is a standardized length.

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