Calculators - unit conversions, mortgages, electric vehicle charging, power sources

In the calculator section you can find calculators on many different topics such as unit conversions, energy sources, imperial units and much more. 


The available calculators have been split into several topics to make them and the information they provide easier to find and use. 

Calculators questions and answers

  • Where are imperial units used?

    Officially the imperial system is used by the USA, Myanmar and Liberia. However both Myanmar and Liberia are in on their way to switching to imperial. The UK officially uses the metric system, however people still use some units such as miles, pounds, gallon and pints, among others in every day life.

  • What kind do calculators do we provide?

    We provide calculators on many topics such as conversion of units, imperial units, expenses associated with vehicles, energy and more.

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