Electric vehicle charging

In 2035 (approximately) all vehicles in the Czech Republic should be electric. How much electricity will be needed to charge them? You can also take a look at the calculator for comparison of expenses of electric and diesel vehicles

Currently there are about 6 million cars on the road in the Czech Republic. Each car drives approximately 50 km a day. Electric vehicles consumer somewhere around 10 to 20 kWH every 100 km. 

In an ideal world -  if all vehicles would charge evenly throughout the day, only average constant power supply would be needed - that is the first part of the calculator. But if cars will only get charged for a part of the day - in the evening, significantly more immediate power will be needed at once to charge all the cars. 

For comparison - the overall consumption of electricity in the Czech Republic in 2022 was around 80TWh. 



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Charging electric vehicles questions and answers

  • What are some of the disadvantages of electric vehicles?

    It is commonly acknowledged that electric vehicles are better for the environment but there are still many reasons even besides original high costs why people are not getting them to replace their petrol/diesel cars. Finding charging stations, charging time, driving range and possibility of having to replace expensive batteries are just some of the drawbacks.

  • What are the issues with electricity consumption for electric vehicles?

    In reality people would charge their electric vehicles overnight or in the evenings which would mean that a lot of power would be needed at once, instead of a continuous power supply throughout the day.

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