Megawatt hour, MWh

Megawatt hour (MWh) is a unit that describes the amount of energy produced by one Megawatt in an hour. It is used to quantify electricity or gas consumption or  power generated by power plants. One example of its use is for domestic energy consumption. An average flat has an annual energy consumption of around 5 MWh, a family home around 10 MWh and one with electric heating around 15 MWh. 

It is also the fundamental unit used when trading electricity on the European market and when trading with gas. 

1 Megawatt hour is 1 000 kilowatt hours and a thousandth of a Gigawatt hour. There are also the conversions between GWh, MWh and TWh.

Examples of conversions in MWh and kWh are in the below calculator. 1 Megawatt hour is approximately how much electricity a large 110 Watt input TV would use in a year (if it was tuned on day and night ;-). 


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Megawatt hour questions and answers

  • What is a megawatt hour a unit of?

    A megawatt hour is a unit of electricity consumed by an area, household or electricity produced by a power plant.

  • What is a megawatt hour equivalent to?

    A megawatt hour is the energy produced by an megawatt in a full hour.

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