Solar energy calculator

At home solar energy system

Do you want to built an at home solar power plant? The following calculator work out the approximate expenses associated with the two main components of a power plant - solar panels and batteries for storing the electricity. It does not take into account the cost of transformers, installation and other associated expenses.

The calculator uses LiFePo battery 50Ah in its calculations - look at the costs of LiFePo 200Ah, Pb 240Ah and  Pb 100Ah.


Solar energy news

Solar energy questions and answers

  • How does solar energy work?

    Solar energy works most commonly using photovoltaic panels. Sun shines on the panel and energy is absorbed by photovoltaic cells which creates electric charge allowing for electricity to flow.

  • What is needed for an at home solar system?

    To build you own solar system you will most importantly need solar panels, batteries, an inverter, a solar charge controller, fuses and meters.

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