Conversion of units of mass

The calculator converts standard units of mass with a precision of two decimal places:

  • milligrams (mg),
  • grams (g),
  • decagrams (dkg),
  • kilograms(kg)
  • tonnes (t)


Some of the conversions that can be done are kilograms to tonnes, decagrams to grams or even tonnes to milligrams. 

Imperial units of mass (pounds, ounces, ...) 

Converting of units of mass calculator

You need to input these three values into the calculator:

  1. Mass that you want to convert

  2. The unit from which you want to convert

  3. The unit to which you want to convert



Explanation of conversions

In the table you can see how the individual unit conversions work.

From every standard unit to the nearest smaller and larger unit.


Table of standard units of mass
1 t
1000 kg
1 kg
100 dkg
  1 dkg
10 g
1 g
1000 mg

1 g =
0.1 dkg
1 dkg =
0.01 kg
1 kg =
0.001 t

Converting of units of mass questions and answers

  • How does the metric mass system work?

    The metric mass system is based on magnitude so the difference between grams, decagrams and kilograms is some power of 10.

  • Where are decagrams used?

    Decagrams (dkg) are mainly used in Central European countries, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary. A decagram is 10 grams.

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