CS0008463766, VPÚ DECO CITY a.s.

Short and summary info about VPÚ-DECO CITY

The Prague Stock Exchange
Last price18.10.19941 375.00
First price29.09.19942 500.00
Historic min18.10.19941 375.00
Historic max29.09.19942 500.00
Total volume4 875.00
RMS - RM-System
Last price31.05.19951 206.00
First price10.01.19951 340.00
Historic min25.05.19951 206.00
Historic max15.02.19951 340.00
Total volume0.00

VPÚ DECO CITY a.s., ISIN CS0008463766 - Securities depository info

Full name-
Short name-
Source issue-
Issuer NameVPÚ DECO CITY a.s.
Issuer ID45310157 (Trade register)
Nominal currencyCZK
Nominal Value1 000
Issued Volume36 619
Number of instrument units on accounts-
Volume of the issue36 619 000
Volume of the issue in accounts-
Nominal typekonstantní
Tradableje registrována na reg.trhu
Security typeakcie
Convertabilityvolně převoditelná emise
Security formna jméno
Shapezaknihovaný CP
Registration stateStředisko CP
Date of Registration29.3.1993
Change date25.5.1995
Maturity Date-
Date of Cancellation25.5.1995
Trading Currency-
Tradable unit-
Group Code-
Manager ID-
Manager ID-
Administrator ID-

Issuer CS0008463766

Issuer nameVPÚ DECO CITY a.s.
Postal address - nameVPÚ DECO CITY a.s.
ID number45310157 (Trade register)
Addres - StreetJindřišská 900/7
CityPraha 1
ZIP11 000
Postal address - StreetJindřišská 900/7
CityPraha 1
ZIP11 000
Subject typeemitent
Subject categoryprávnická osoba
Subject categoryprávnická osoba
Change date21.12.2000
Change typeplatná/ý

List of other issues, VPÚ DECO CITY a.s.

CZ0008463783 VPÚ DECO CITY PRA. 25.05.1995 / 10.09.2002
CS0008463766 29.03.1993 / 25.05.1995

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