Percentage calculator

Percent (symbol %) means a hundredth. Therefore if we are calculating a certain percentage from a given number (a whole), we are essentially calculating a certain number of hundredths. 

How do we calculate percentage? First find one hundredth of a whole and then multiply it by the given number of percent (hundredths) that we need.  

For example 8 % from 2000 is calculated bu dividing 2000 by 100, giving 20 which is a hundredth.We ten multiply that by 8, getting 160. 

Percentage calculations

The percentage calculator finds: 

a) what number is a given percent p from a given number x

b) what percentage is a given number x of a given number y

7.5 % of 1500
number 17 of number 800 equals

Percentage calculator questions and answers

  • What is one percent?

    One percent is one hundredth of a given whole.

  • How is a certain percentage X calculated from a whole Y?

    After finding a hundredth of Y, by dividing it by 100, the hundredth is multiplied by percentage X.

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