CZ0009087706, SG - INDUSTRY, A.S.

Short and summary info about SG - INDUSTRY

The Prague Stock Exchange
Last price10.06.20027.13
First price09.11.19931 200.00
Historic min21.01.20026.08
Historic max16.11.19931 440.00
Total volume732 490 293.00
RMS - RM-System
Last price23.05.20039.80
First price10.01.1995340.00
Historic min18.12.20025.40
Historic max22.01.1997760.00
Total volume381 009 011.70

SG - INDUSTRY, A.S., ISIN CZ0009087706 - Securities depository info

Full nameSG - INDUSTRY, A.S.
Short nameSG - INDUSTRY
Source issue-
Issuer NameSG - Industry, a.s.
Issuer ID43872182 (Trade register)
Nominal currencyCZK
Nominal Value400
Issued Volume4 328 460
Number of instrument units on accounts0
Volume of the issue1 731 384 000
Volume of the issue in accounts0
Nominal typekonstantní
Tradablenení registrována na reg.trhu
Security typeakcie
Convertabilityvolně převoditelná emise
Security formna doručitele
Shapezaknihovaný CP
Registration stateCDCP
Date of Registration16.1.1997
Change date28.3.2017
Maturity Date-
Date of Cancellation23.5.2022
Trading CurrencyCZK
Tradable unitv jednotkách měny
Group Code7
Manager ID-
Manager ID-
Administrator ID-

Issuer SG - INDUSTRY, A.S.

Issuer nameSG - INDUSTRY, A.S.
Postal address - nameSG - INDUSTRY, A.S.
ID number43872182 (Trade register)
Addres - StreetWashingtonova 17
CityPraha 1
ZIP11 000
Postal address - StreetWashingtonova 17
CityPraha 1
ZIP11 000
Subject typeemitent
Subject categoryprávnická osoba
Subject categoryprávnická osoba
Change date2.7.2010
Change typeplatná/ý

List of other issues, SG - INDUSTRY, A.S.

CZ0009087706 SG - INDUSTRY, A.S. 16.01.1997 / 23.05.2022
CZ0008013505 YSE IF PRAHA 29.10.1993 / 16.01.1997

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